Friday 27 September 2013


Well good morning and my goodness Peeps !!.........  I have been so pleased and delighted at the response to my DT call.. so many people applying has made it very difficult indeed to choose.  I am in the process of preparing  emails to go out, so by tea time everyone should know what they are doing.
I will be back later with the full details of my new Design Team.

Thank you all so much for applying and for your support :-)

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday 11 September 2013


Well - here we go Folks with the 1st Challenge at IKE's WORLD :-)
Before we start, let's just have the Rules...........

1.  If you want to win the Prize you MUST use an IKE'sART image. I have given you a Freebie here but if you don't like this one you can see the others for sale in my STORE.
2.  There will be NO PINNING, GOOGLE+-ing or any other form of publishing any of my images I give you !!! If you want to share anywhere please ask me for a Watermarked Copy.                                 DO  NOT  DO IT.... OK ?!!!!  Please respect my rights as an artist. 
3.  You may use all or any part of my images for your creation, and you can even Zombiefy them if that's what floats your boat.
4.  Please NO bad language or overt rudeness.... we don't want to upset the punters and ruffle feathers do we ?
5. Limited to 3 entries per person please :-)
6. NO BACKLINKING thank you - we wanna' see new stuff :-)
7.  Have fun. :-)

So - off we go then. :-)
I have prepared a little BINGO/TIC.TAC.TOE grid for you. You may use any  3 squares in any direction that takes your fancy.

Here's a little FREEBIE for you to play with if you like :-) She's called 'Fashionista'.


OK - there you go and off we go on our adventure together.... I hope :-D

Here is the Prize for this Challenge:

I still have a few glitches in here and sorry about the changes in Font... this thing isn't quite behaving yet and I am working on a new colour scheme. :-)

Please to leave your creations below at the Linky Froggy .
This Challenge runs until  Midnight EEST Monday 30th September 2013.

Hahahahaha !!!.... doesn't it just make you laugh when they show you an Inlinkz video How To and say "there you are.. it's simple !!"  LoL  I don't think this is working, so maybe just leave me your link with your Comment until I can get this beast straightened out  :-)         Thank you  xxx

Sssshhhh !!! Hey - No... he's there now... let's not scare him off :-)

In the interest of Fair Play.. please NO BACKLINKING !!  Thankx 



Hello Peeps,
Do you love creating with Digital Stamps ?
Do you love sharing what you create ?
Do you love being part of a creative, inspiring Team of fellow crafters ?
Do you like having fun ?
Can you bring your ‘A’ game ?
 I am looking to start with 6 Designers to join my Team.
I have my own SHOP where I sell Digital Art Stamps and I am looking for people who want to create with them. I offer a varied range of Digis and if you’d like to check them out, then go HERE.
If you are enthusiastic about my Digi Stamps, are a good team player, and know a thing or two about Blogging, and answered YES to the questions above, then you may be just the right person for me !
I am interested in designers with a variety of styles who can creatively showcase IKE’sART designs in their layouts, cards, altered art and other projects. I am looking for a variety of projects types, so if you don’t create Cards – don’t let that stop you from applying. !  I want people who are passionate about crafts and are willing to promote IKE’sART. No previous design team experience is necessary. All styles and skill levels welcome.

The DT Term is 3 months from 1st October 2013 to 1st January 2014.

Commit to a 3 month Term.
Share your creations on an active personal Blog, and share information on New Releases and Events.
Take great photos of your work.
Create 2 Projects per month using an image from IKE’sART.
Participate in Challenges and Blog Hops.
You must have links back from your Blog to the Challenge Site and IKE’sART Store.
Display our DT Badge and the IKE’sART Store Logo (with Links).
Have your creations posted by 5pm  on Monday before the Challenge goes live (or sooner if you wish)
Be able to comment constructively on Entries. (You will be assigned numbers if things get hectic)
Be able to communicate and get along well with your Teamies.

What you get in return:

Total access to any IKE’sART digital image from my Store for the length of your Term – plus any DT exclusives I may produce.
More exposure for your own Blog.
The chance to have fun with your Teamies.
$20 for anyone who has their work with an IKE’sART image Published in a mainstream Magazine.

OK – what do you do now ?????
How to Apply:

Send the following info by email to ME……

Your Name.
Your email addy.
Link to your Blog.
Where in the World are you (just being nosy here and useful to know the Time Zones of everyone)
A little about yourself.
What kind of projects you create.
What DTs you are currently on.
Any past DTs (none are required to be considered for this)
Why would you be good for IKE’sWORLD.
Attach 3 pics of projects you think best represent You and your style.

This DT Call runs from Midnight EEST Thursday 12th September 2013 through to Midnight EEST Thursday 26th September 2013.
The first Challenge with the new Design Team will start on Tuesday 1st October 2013 (if we’re all ready )   :-D

If you have any questions about the Terms, please contact me.
I will email Applicants by the end of the day following the cut-off date to let them know if they were successful.

Don’t forget…… we are just here to have FUN  :-D

Thank you.


Well Hello there and welcome to IKE's WORLD CHALLENGES. :-)
This is an idea I have been chucking about this last month and finally decided to go for it !!! The site is a little boring just now coz I couldn't use the wallpapers and stuff I wanted  and Blogger really messed me about yesterday, so we'll go with this for now :-D

Now, most of you know me for playing a bit on the Dark Side, but this Challenge Blog is NOT just for that... I want it open to all sorts of creations, so please don't be shy. :-D 
The only stipulation for Challenges I have here is that you MUST use an IKEsART image for your creation if you want to win any Prizes that are on offer :-) Simples eh ???!!!
There are a variety of images for all tastes over in my Shop - IKE'sART, and I shall be also giving out images to play with in some of the Challenges (you'll have to email for these when the time comes coz I am fed up of people Pinning my stuff  to all and sundry !!), but a lot of sites do that so that's easy peasy too isn't it ?
Please help yourself to a Badge if you so desire and I will be popping back a bit later :-D

Thank you for stopping by :-)

Ike xx